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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where's the snow? Time to blog again

Hello all!
Grad school has been taking most of my free time and not allowing me to blog like I use to; however, these 'snow days' we've been having down south have given me some extra time. Here is what has been happening in Room 105!

I am sure you have seen these cute party hat kids on Pinterest. Interesting fact: do you know New Year items never go on sale at Party City? We found that out hoping to find out party blowers for a steal, but full price it is! It was worth it though, look how cute my friends turned out! We had many goals in our room from spelling really big words, to getting up early to do 10 pushups! 
I found these cute writing papers here! We celebrated MLK day by a day off of school and a few activities to help us learn how to achieve our own dreams. We watched Martin's Big Words on Bookflix and my kiddos were amazed that people would treat each other so differently because of what they looked like. It was a great opportunity to share with my kids that we all are formed by Our Creator and He made us each perfectly! The paper was separated into three sections: a dream for the world, their family and themselves. Here are what a few of mine said:
My DREAM for the world is:
- for everybody to have food
- that everyone would have shelter and food
- that every body will love God
- to be thankful for the country

My DREAM for my family is:
- to be safe
- that every body will love God everyday
- for everyone to be kind
- for everyone to love one another

My DREAM for myself is:
- to be nice
- to be in the NFL
- to become a pop star
- to be a good friend
- I want God to live with me!
The 100th day of school is a landmark in Kindergarten and First grade. We celebrated my dressing up like we were 100 years old! They were adorable! My boys came in with sweater vest and suspenders; the girls had on shawls and carrying their pocket books. Everyone had tons of baby powder in their hair to create their gray locks. (This teacher sneezed all day!) Then we wrote about what we would be doing when we were 100. According to my firsties, a lot of them would be visiting the senior center each day, rocking in their rocking chairs, play chess, knit sweaters for their grandkids, and quit their jobs. We spent the rest of the day counting 100 things by 2s, 5s, and 10s and ended the day eating a cookie cake that was shaped as 100!!


Happy Snow Day!