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Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday...April 4

1. We preformed surgery today in Room 105. Contraction Surgery! Dr. Apostrophe came to visit and helped us combine two words to make a contraction. 

2. 67 days till the Philippines!

3. We are studying plants next week and we are going to try to recreate these fun Science Writing activities about the life cycle of plants. 
Life Cycle of Plants {20 Activities & Foldable Flower Proj

4. I'm headed to ATL tomorrow for the cutest little niece's baptism. 

5. We started playing domino train this week in math for extra practice seeing number patterns. My kids are loving this fun addition to our math rotations. 
Image:Play Mexican Train Domino Game Step 2.jpg

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  1. Ahh!! Tell me more about the domino game! I tried introducing this to my kiddos last year in K but it was tough! You have made me want to try again!

    You're So Sharp!