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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Classroom Additions

So I was thinking that preparing a classroom can be very tiring. I am almost finished with the first week of school and boy am I exhausted. The first day of school was so much fun and they all absolutely loved getting to search the school for our lost gingerbread friend. Our friend was really fun to make!
First I started with a piece of poster board and cut out our class friend:

 I added some gingerbread coloring!
 With the help of my new silhouette, I made him some eyes, buttons, and accessories. 
Mr. Silhouette also helped with making my star rules!
Here are some fun, bold colors for my classroom.
Both items were a hit on the first day. The students are still asking if I think the gingerbread man will run away today and some are asking to tell him secrets! Happy Friday tomorrow!


  1. What did we do before the Silhouette? Your gingerbread man looks great, so glad it was such a hit with the kids.