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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Best Year Yet

So I was thinking...about getting another year older and how much has changed since I was little. I just got back from the Muppet movie. Yes, you heard me right, my friend and I just went to see it. (Yes we are 23, but sometimes its more fun to live in the good old days of Kermit and Miss Piggy!) This past weekend I turned another year older and hopefully getting another year wiser. 22 was a big year for me: graduating college, getting a job, and embarking on this life we like to call adulthood, but I know God has more in store for me as I step forward to year 23, which my sister keeps telling me is going to be the "BEST YEAR YET!" and I hope that it continues to go up here from here!

My mom and I traveled over to Atlanta this past weekend to celebrate the anniversary of my birth. It was low key, but perfect and relaxing (just what this teacher needed(minus the cold that also came with it)). After a great dinner and taking in the Atlanta Christmas lights we laid low on Saturday, creating some delicious cake ball ornaments for my sister's Sunday School party on Saturday. I was blessed with some very thoughtful presents that I should share: an adorable camera strap cover from the sis and bro-in-law and this beautiful heart necklace that was my grandmother's. Needless to say there were tears shed but for everyones sake I will only show the necklace and not my tearful shots.
And what teacher's birthday would be complete without a children's book to 
add to the growing collection. 
After another great meal, mom and I went off to see New Year's Eve, pretty cute movie, and ended the weekend with a great church service and Montgomery's Live Christmas Tree. It was a great weekend to hang out with the family. 
Here is a quick self-portrait for the photography challenge finale and to show 
off the sister's craftiness on my adorable camera strap. 


  1. Why thank you! It was a fabulous weekend and it really will be the BEST YEAR YET! Just wait & see :o)

  2. You and your sister are too cute! Love the camera strap.

    Jeanna @