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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Childhood Memory

So I was thinking... how happy Christmas makes me! It brings some of the greatest things together: the celebration of Christ's birth and the reminder of what He did for us, the joy of giving to others, and being surrounded by all my family.  When spurred by the topic of "Childhood Memory" from my sister's photography challenge I immediately thought of the angel that we put on our Christmas tree every year. This was a huge tradition for us. When we were little every year LB, Z and myself would all beg to be the one that would get to put the angel on top of the tree. It was fantastic getting to climb on top of our dad's shoulders and complete our lovely tree with the angel on top. We shared this responsibility, having to take turns, so my chance came around every three years. To this day I still get excited when topping off the tree with the same angel we have used for the past 27 years. I was excited when I went home for Thanksgiving because this was my chance to capture this great childhood memory. However, our tree did go up, but our lights have yet to adorn the tree and so the angel and ornaments were still boxed up when I left to return to my AU home. Realizing this fact mid-drive home I started to think what else was a great memory.

We all know how much Santa loves cookies and our crew should be credited for some of the lb's that Santa puts on on that all night flight. When we were little we would 'decorate' these cookies: well pour as many sprinkles on as we could before they were taken away from us. As we got older we started to be more meticulous in our decorating sessions. For the past 8 or so years when cookie decorating time commences LB and I pull out the rolling pin and our tweezers. (Yes I said tweezers, and yes I promised that they are clean!) We very carefully decorate our cookies to make them as real-life as possible. Here are a few pics from two years ago at our decorating session.

 Our cousin B, came up to join. I mentioned that we spend lots of family time, but 
did I mention it is because they live two houses down?
 Taking a try at Good St. Nick.
The sis, trying out icing instead of sprinkles, a new addition to our decorating session. 

Hope you are getting excited about celebrating the reason for the season with your family and childhood memories.


  1. Great shot of the cookie cutter! I used to love putting the angel on top of the tree too. I used to hold my mom's old angel and just stare at her. She was so pretty. :) My parents bought me an angel when I moved out. I hope to have her forever!

  2. Great aperture! And great memories...we were SO meticulous.