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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Morning Teacher Rachel... PI pt. 2

So I was thinking... that my joy comes from teaching. It doesn't matter if it is at my school in the states or if it is across the world at the Cuatro Christian School that is directed by Kids International Ministries. During my 2 weeks in the Philippines I was blessed with the opportunity to teach a class of 32 students from grade 3. I walked in on my first day in grade 3 and was immediately met with a greeting. Actually whenever anyone comes in, the students stand to their feet and greet their guest.
So every morning as I stood in front of the class to teach these precious 3rd graders I was greeted with "Good Morning Teacher Rachel, it is nice to see you again!" It was the perfect way to start my day.

CCS has two sites, one for 4-6 and one for K-3, so every morning I would walk through a path of green trees and up the hill to the primary school. This was the same school that our construction crew was working on to help complete the 2nd & 3rd floor. The school rooms were not air-conditioned and consisted of concrete floors & walls. The rooms were about 10 x 10. Their school was different from mine but one thing I realized was that kids are kids, even across the globe.
 Maddie walking from the school to the tree path. 
On the first day I was immediately thrown into the show. I was asked to teach Math, Science, Reading & English everyday. So from common/proper nouns to heredity & Roman numerals I jumped into the 3rd grade. It was fabulous! I loved every minute of it and found my joy in the Philippines. It was also heart breaking at the same time. You see while my classroom is beaming at the seems with supplies, my Filipino one was quite bare. I taught reading from one book, as I walked around to make sure all 32 curious faces saw every page. There was no Math or Science book just simply a pad of paper where they recorded the notes I wrote on the board. While the supplies were very slim, the presence of the Lord, the smiling faces, & the eagerness of students wanting to learn was abounding. 

Every morning, before snack & lunch, & before leaving a student prayed for the whole class. They studied the Bible in their native language as well as English and had memorized more verses in the two months they had been in school than I have this year. Their love of the Lord was amazing and their eagerness to pray in front of the class was overwhelming. You knew they were talking with the Lord when they prayed, thanking Him for all they had and for the visitors they had sent them. You see they don't see themselves as lacking anything, they are just thankful that the Lord has provided them the opportunity of an education and a meal for the day. Everyday was such a blessing. 

On my last day, the students threw me a party. They preciously brought me a gift, all that they had to celebrate my time with them. To say that I shed some tears is an understatement, I was so moved by their generosity however, not surprised because they know how to be an example of Christ and to give all that they have without thinking twice. 

 Jonathan helping blow up the balloons.
(They all said 'Happy Anniversary")
 I was asked to sit on the stage while the students told me how much they 
would miss me and presented me with cards. 
 Arnold & Ren at an assembly. 
 Silly girls!
 Precious John Christian
He gave me this lovely treat; a milky cheese flavored cupcakes!

I was given an amazing opportunity, by an amazing God to go and teach children about everyday things and was in return shown the true LOVE of the Lord and found joy with 32 lovely students. 


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  1. Their greetings were so wonderful. I enjoyed learning and memorizing the scriptures with the children in the mornings. Reminded me of Vacation Bible School except they do it every day. Thank you