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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Filipino Fun... PI Pt. 3

So I was thinking...that my family and friends and I had such an amazing time in the Philippines this summer serving with KIM. We saw amazing things and were able to experience God's love in sooo many ways. Here are some of the recaps of an amazing trip.
Warning: Picture overload!
Family photo after church 
 We were able to experience soft drinks in glass bottles, which you had to pay a deposit on. If you didn't want to take the bottle with you, you could have a 'coke in a bag.' They would pour the drink directly into the bag and top it off with a straw!
 Two of our group members experienced a local delicacy, balut. 
Otherwise known as unborn duck eggs.   
Jeff's son commentated on a college league basketball game at the Mall of Asia arena while we were there, so we stopped by to experience a true Filipino basketball game! The drums were so loud!
Being from the South we couldn't resist finding a KRISPY KREME!!! Look at the amazing flavors we found at the Mall of Asia! Butterfinger, Oreo, Carmel Crunch... 
 The same day we went to feed at Tent City we stopped by a local spot: Daranak Falls
 A few of us swimming!
Amazed at God's glorious beauty. 
 After school I stopped by the Children's Home nursery where our team was creating a beautiful Noah's ark mural to brighten up their rooms. We painted each room a different animal, so we had a giraffe room, monkey room, elephant room, and lion room. 
 Finished ark minus the giraffes.  The main room had animals and flowers that covered all the walls as well as this ocean wall. 
At the grand opening of the nursery, ribbon cutting and all!
 Oh the Jeepneys! Public transportation is the main way to get around in Manila. These Jeepneys cram as many people as they can inside with blaring music and crazy driving. Fun and scary all at the same time! We did learn to always go with the ones that have the most designs on them, designs equal more experience!
 Loving on the babies in the nursery. 
 We were able to take the kids from the Children's Home to the mall for pizza and ice cream on two of the nights we were there. The boys loved the ice cream, here is my buddy JayPee. 
 There was also a great play place in the mall that the kids played in before dinner! 
Precious Zarinah and Angelica!
 My Filipino family! Aria, Gerald, JayPee, and Jessica
 KIM threw us a great BBQ on the last day we were there. Here are all of the kids 
from the Children's Home, Jaz Home, and the workers for the organization.
The Alabama team at the last devotion at the Children's Home! 

It was such an amazing time filled with fun, fellowship, and amazing works from our Creator!

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