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Sunday, September 23, 2012

School Fun!

School is going well but very tiring so I am sorry for the lack of blog posts. I promise I will get better. This group is going to be a challenge but I know that the Lord has placed these 19 friends in my room for a reason and I am excited to see His plan. 

Here is our week in review:

We studied short 'o' and the plural 's' so we made a chart of our examples. They decided to write some in the middle if it was plural and short o!

We are finishing up our chapter on subtraction in Go-Math. As we were learning, we added our facts to our Subtraction anchor chart that will go up on the wall next week.

Next week we will finish our farm unit with horses, but this week we studied sheep and ended the week making these cute little friends with cotton balls and Tunstall's Teachings template.

We did a fun writing for our "All-Star Work produced by" board. Here was the prompt:
"If I was a (farm animal) I would..."

Here are some examples of students who did their All-Star best!

 I stocked up at Wal-Mart on these fun crates(didn't even take the sticker off ha). They were a $1!!! I use them to hold my students Production folders(folder work). When they finish their work they place their folder in here, which makes for quick and easy checking for me!
On Friday we practiced addition and subtraction with our marker boards. They LOVE using the marker boards instead of paper and pencil. We use the dice to roll and the cubes to count. We started with subtraction and then ended Math time with reviewing addition.

Hope you all have a great Monday tomorrow!
~Miss Anderson

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