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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2-digit addition St. Patty's Day Stations

So I was thinking...
I got a great deal on Lucky Charms this weekend at the grocery store. Two large boxes for $5.00! So I grabbed some for some teachers I know! We will be graphing them next Friday for our St. Patrick's Day celebration.

My school adopted the Go-Math series this year, and I am really liking the material. Chapter 8 is a tough one though. Two-digit addition and subtraction! We finished up the chapter today but we are going to spend the next couple of days playing with our Math tubs to review all of the skills. I created these cards and forms to help us review.

There are four games included:
1. 2-digit addition story problems
2. Adding & Subtracting tens
3. 2-digit addition using a 120 chart
4. 2-digit addition(focusing on place value & making a ten)

You can find it here on TPT! Also, the first person to comment with their favorite St. Patrick's Day book with get a free copy!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. I love the book "The Luckiest Leprechaun."