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Friday, July 15, 2011

Full House...July 4th Holiday

So I was thinking....that the show Full House has nothing on the Anderson clan. Each year, everyone on my dad's side of the family loads up their cars, and heads to the beaches of North Carolina.  The Tanner's full house of nine people does not compare to our house of 23:) Unfortunately, the past three years, I have not been able to attend(camp 2 years & the sis's wedding last summer); however, I made a reappearance this year.  I am blessed with the best family a girl could ask for. The amount of people in the house just adds to the support, guidance, and laughter in our conversations. Here is a review of our week in pictures:
 The whole group at Putt-Putt, our family tradition. We take this tradition very seriously, and the guys always compare scores at the end. I was able to round out in the top 5, so I was very excited!
 Mom and Z during a break in the game!
Grandmomma and I after the game!
We had great weather, although a little windy, and were able to spend time playing at the beach. We had a great time watching all of the little ones play, as well as taking part in wave-riding ourselves!
 Building one of many sandcastles!
Aren't they adorable! 
 We were able to drive off the island and go find some great fireworks on the 4th!
Finally, after 22 years of waiting, LB and I were able to watch, observe, and learn how to make Grandmomma's famous caramel. Its a very specific recipe, and I am nervous to try it by myself, but hopefully my 2 pages of notes will help me master it as well.  

I am so very lucky to have such a great family, full of fun traditions, and even more love! Getting to spend time with them is so special. Many people ask why we don't split up and stay in different houses to have more space, but I have to tell them that it would not be the fun adventure and family bonding time if we were not all packed into a full house! Hope everyone is having a great end of their summer!

School starts in 26 days!


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