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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recyclable Art

So I was thinking....that I needed to fill you in on my week of workshops. Currently I am sitting in one, where I am creating my web page, I will send you the link soon. I thought I would skip over to blogland to send you a recyclable craft tutorial.  For this craft all you need is: toilet paper rolls, hot glue, and spray paint!
Toilet Paper Roll Art 
First, you need to collect around 40 toilet paper rolls(I also found that paper towel rolls work as well). I cut them into 2 inch sections, which is just cutting them in half.
After, I cut the rolls apart I heated up the ole' glue gun. I saw this craft on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun summer craft. I designed how I wanted it to look by laying them out in an order on the table. I modeled mine exactly after the one I found here. Once the glue gun was hot, I began gluing them together, making sure all of the hot glue was not shown from the outside.
This is what it looked like mid-way. I ran out of toilet paper rolls and had to wait a week or two to restock.

After it was complete, I took it outside and sprayed it with brown spray paint. It was so quick and easy to make! Stay tuned, to see the final project; I am posting pictures of my new townhouse soon!!!


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  1. I'm sure it looks fabulous :) I'm saving them now!