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Thursday, October 13, 2011

9 weeks down, 27 more to go!!

This week we studied the digraphs 'sh' and 'th' and what better to learn the 'sh' with than a sea shell! This week we have some very fun activities to help us with our learning. 
In grammar, we are learning about people, places, and things also known as NOUNS! Instead of doing our SF worksheet pages we created a noun art project: NOUN TOWN. We discussed people, places, things, and animals and brainstormed a list of these nouns that we would find in a town. After I created my noun town. Andersonville, they create their own town. They got really into this project, creating hilarious town names and being really detailed in their town construction. Next week we are changing our noun towns into proper noun towns, so our store may become Wal-Mart and our restaurants may become McDonalds.
Funny for the week:
I had just drawn myself on my noun town and this question was presented:
 Miss Anderson, do you have kids?
Me: No I don't have kids, I have yall.
Student: So you are married or engaged?
Me: Nope, I'm not.
MT: Yea, she's not married because she is not OLD enough! hahaha
Later that day:
JG: Miss Anderson is that your engagement ring?
Me: No its not.
JG: Oh, so its not a real ring, got it.
(Apparently engagement rings are the one "real" rings there are)

We also started our SCIFRI experiments, thanks to the creative title from my friend over at The First Grade Parade. We started this week with a skittle experiment. It was so easy, just place Skittles, S side up, in a bowl of water and observe.
 Choose your three favorite colors.
 Watch the colors spread! My students predicted that the colors would mix and form one color.
 Tricked ya! The colors form a barrier and do not mix together( the bowl has to stay completely still)
The S's simply slide off of the Skittle, isn't that neat!

Happy weekend and War Eagle!!
~Miss Anderson

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