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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

War Eagle!

So I was thinking....that I really like football season. In my classroom, we are talking about things that remind us of fall and mine was of course football(my boys thought this was awesome ha). It's great to relax on the weekend by keeping my TV tuned into ESPN and ABC to keep up with all of the games. My personal favorite is of course AUBURN! I bleed orange and blue if you didn't know. This past week, the first grade teachers brought treats for the lounge and our theme was TAILGATE food. I decided to make cupcakes, but wanted to add a fun twist to them so I created Pat Dye Field with the help of two friends. Creating this masterpiece was quite fun; I was able to catch up with my old friends and it was a relaxing way to end my busy school day.
 Yellow and red make orange! Mixing for the perfect Auburn orange. 
 Creating grass, we used a fork to tousle the icing around. 
 The yard markers
 Creating my best AU! Can you tell I am trying to concentrate?
 Work in progress...
~War Eagle~

Much to my dismay, not many people wanted cupcakes, so I came home with many extra. I did get to spend some quality time with a friend and her three girls this past Sunday and I have to say they loved getting to finish the cupcakes off for me!



  1. What a neat idea... the end result was so cute! Loved reading this post and seeing all your pictures! Fun!

  2. I love your orange photo. The lighting on it looks really good.