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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh the places your go and the shoes that go too

So I was thinking...about Dr. Seuss's wonderful book Oh the Places You'll Go and it reminded me of my family. We are the kind that will drop everything, get in the car, drive through the night to make it to an event or special occasion. Ten hour drives are nothing for our crew. This past weekend was one of those memorable events however, the drive was a nice and quick two hour one.
Our destination: Atlanta
Event: Brother's(in-law) first and possibly last MARATHON!
Reason: to be his paparazzi and cheering squad. 
So Saturday morning I headed that way to the big city to meet up with the fam. My parents and III's parents were meeting us there for some weekend fun. Luckily for III he was able to sleep peacefully the night before because our beloved Auburn Tigers pulled out a victory. 

Race Day
Early Sunday morning we all rose and bundled up to go and face the 30 degree weather. We met Trey at mile 6 and he was looking at a champ!

High Fives all around!                                                                        Off he goes, 6 down, 20 more to go
Ugh, the first hill!
Our mission was not complete, so we hopped back in the van & navigated our way to mile 15, where he was still holding up strong. Impressive! We were very proud. We also met some friends along the way. 

Birthday marathoner

                  Star Wars Marathoner?
Yes, he ran the whole way with  the light saber!

He came and went. 15 miles down, 11 more to go. Back into the car we went, we were off to mile 21!

Mama G proud of her son! Everyone love LB's awesome sign!

LB cheering on III w/ my Forest Gump inspired sign.              LB waiting to spot III coming at mile 20. 
Look at his spirit, high-fiving the crowd!

The final stride to the finish line!

 Guys, I'm not moving from here!

 The lovely couple, LB checking on her man.
 Christmas card?!
 Marathon finisher!
We were so proud of III and his success in checking off a goal on his list! 

In other news, I was super excited when I was able to buy three pairs of shoes for only $36! That's $12 a piece, which is great for my teacher budget! These are a little summery, but at $9 I could not pass them up. Linking up for the sis's photography challenge!


  1. LOVE those shoes! Nice photo highlighting the shoe and not having a lot of background stuff.

  2. Love this post :o) So proud of the husband!! and you for your shoe deal!!

  3. Wow your shoes were a bargain! They're gorgeous, too :)
    And congrats to your brother-in-law!

  4. I love the detail on your shoes... Super cute!

    Jeanna @