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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spooky Fun Times!


This past week we celebrated the end of October with our Pumpkin rotation party. After relaxing and realizing that a little chaos is okay for one day. Boy did they have fun! Here are some of our fun creations!

Yummy Snacks
After our pumpkin counting activity, the parent who led the station with the help of a few of my kiddos created this wonderful creation for me to keep! I was so excited to take it home for my doorstep!

We ended the week with making long i kites to practice our long i words. I think they turned out pretty cute myself. They are floating around my classroom now!

This week we started learning about the first people in America, the Native Americans. Here are some fun activities we are doing this week. 

Our Native American fact book, where we record our fun facts, and a fun paper plate activity that I am using for one of my stations. Everyday this week we have been brainstorming our Native American names and we are excited to make our headdresses on Friday! I will let you know how it goes, for my Camp friends can you guess what my Native American name will be?? 

Of course, it means land of laughing water

Catch you up in a few!
~Miss Anderson 

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