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Friday, February 24, 2012

From Adjective to Washington

I should really rename this segment to the Two Week Review, because I always feel like I am catching up on two weeks, but anyway, here we go! Last Friday we had our last Historian Friday before we move back into SCI-FRI: in honor of President's day my lab student presented some information on George Washington. She showed us a Powerpoint while we jotted down important facts on post-its. After, the students were able to take a post-it from the board and write down Washington facts. Then they got to create their own George! 

 Aren't they cute!
Today we read about "Honest Abe" and since it was rainy and we couldn't go out for recess, we got to have Movie Time and watch a movie about our friend Abe. 

Here is a writing about George. 
 Last week our grammar skill was reviewing contractions. I took this fabulous idea from Cara and added a fun spin to put it on my bulletin board. We took our contraction and wrote about them and drew a picture. 
Dr. Apostrophe is ready for surgery!
They loved this one!
I was so impressed with their drawings!

 "I preformed surgery on ___ & ___. After surgery the two words became ____. " 

We have been learning about penguins the last two weeks and for one of our stations did an ABC word order game. My kids LOVE penguins and loved waddling around. 
This week our grammar skill was adjectives, which was a little tough for us: good thing we have two more weeks to prefect our skill. We read this book:
and then we used the activity at the back to make Acrostic Name Adjectives. 

I loved the B is for big with the picture of just a set of legs! 
Well I'm off to prepare for Read Across America Week with some fun Dr. Seuss activities, catch you up next week! 
~Miss Anderson 

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  1. The new header looks GREAT!! I love the contraction surgery :o) What a fun idea. Kiss your brain for adding the writing activity to it.