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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the purpose of teaching and a little valentine's day

So I was was a hard day. I am having trouble with one of my friends but I know with some more prayer and love they'll turn it around. But today ended on a good note from one of my special little boys in my room. One of my boys went to read with our reading coach (he came to me reading 5 wpm and now we are at 55!!) at the end of the day so I popped in to listen when I dropped my kids off at PE. After hearing him read and our reading coach and I gushing over how great of a reader he is this special gift was given to us. We were talking about something else and he began writing this note, totally unprompted.
"I am a good reader and my teecher think I am a good reader. 
and I Love my teecher and I love miss planz" 
Needless to say I left the room with tears filling my eyes. After a long day it was just what I needed to be reminded that I am making a difference. This little boy who came to me not know all of his sounds is now reading and BELIEVING IN HIMSELF! I am so proud that all of his hard work has paid off, he truly loves reading to anyone who will let him read! Now I know the words are spelled wrong and they aren't perfect sentences, but those are not the important things in life. Yes, I am a teacher saying that, but its because I believe believing in yourself can take you far in life!
Now before I start crying again, let's talk about Valentine's Day.
A great part of being a teacher: having 20 Valentines!
 They loved the crayons!
 Valentine bags to hold all of our loot!

 cake pops made a great Valentine treat! 
(for a how to look over at the sis's blog)
 ~sugar high~

 The class beside me made these! How cute, definitely going to try these 
out next year, or in our ladybug unit!
 We rounded the day out by doing a Candy Heart probability worksheet I found in blogland. 
Thanks for reading!
~Miss Anderson

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