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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Busy Days!

So its been a while, but I am here to fill you in. 
I have had a few mishaps which have made me seem to vanish in blogger land:

1. visited the local ER: interesting night but just ended up being migraines/ anemic
2.  got a 24 hour bug 
3. DIBELS testing

So when not sick, I've been exhausted, but I have caught a new wind and ready to face the last 23 days of the school year! Can you believe it, we are almost done!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! It's such a great way to celebrate the amazing act that God did for us! Oh, How he LOVES us! I loved getting to hear from my kids and what they already knew about this celebration. I spent a great weekend with the fam and some family friends. I heard a great lesson on Peter and how after the crucifixion he went back to the man he was before Christ. If God came back today, where would he find you? Serving Him or serving the world?
 the brother and me Easter morning

We have been studying life cycles and the ow/ou sound so we made these fun activities.
       1. We made bunny contractions and wrote sentences with them!
       2. We made the Pinterest inspired flowers and learned how to label.
       3. We made 'ow' band-aids. The picture wouldn't fit so I did the best I could : )

In Math we studied money, so we brainstormed information we knew about these coins and I made some anchor charts to hang in our room.
At the end of our unit we held a YARD SALE! The kids brought in some change and items to sell! We had a blast counting out exact change for our prizes! It was so funny, some of the students would buy back what their mom sent in!
I had been using Mystery words as a behavior incentive, but we needed a change so I have been drawing pictures on the board and we have colored them in as we make 'whole group' All-Star decisions. Before Easter I used a decorated egg, this week we are working to color in this umbrella. It's very fitting with the rain we have been having!
As always, I will try and keep you updated on a more regular basis. 


  1. I love the umbrella idea :o) Oh, and you and Z look lovely! Hate I missed it...

  2. I can relate to how awful migraines are! :P

    Those contraction bunnies are so cute! I love them! =)

    I love the question about where God would find us. That is a great thought. My pastor shares how time is like tithing, where we put our time shows what we value the most.

    I am kind of a newbie follower to your cute blog. I would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance. I just shared some math *freebies* and a poem about having A Heart of Patience.

    Blessings to you,

    Heather's Heart