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Sunday, May 6, 2012

12 more days to go!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. I am home for the weekend for one of my best friend's wedding shower. It was nice to go to my home church to day and take a break from the Auburn scene. I hope the Lord has given you many things to be blessed about on this pretty Sunday. I love getting to talk with my firsties about God and I wanted to share a quick part of our week that made my heart smile.  
One of my first grade friends has been having trouble controlling his behavior this year, and this week had not started out well for him. He had been mean to a friend, snipped someone's hair in Art, and just not making good choices. He had to sit out for part of recess one day and so I pulled him over to talk with him. 
Here was the convo:
Me: BC I just love you so much and I want you to make those good choices that I know you know how to do. BC who loves you?
BC: You do, and my mom
Me: Who believes in you?
BC: you do (heart melting so far)
Me: Who cares about you?
BC: God.
(My heart smiled so big, that I just gave him a huge hug and let him go play. If you remember, I ask that you pray for him with me.)

I LOVE when I see God working in the hearts of my 21 friends that I now after 168 days with them feel like my own. 

Here is our week in recap:
We have been learning about butterflies so we made some coffee filter butterflies and glued them to a butterfly poem that I created. 

I randomly bought a coloring book one day, and it has turned out to be a lifesaver. We love coloring the pages and displaying them in our brand new 'gallery.'
We studied commands and exclamations so I created this worksheet where we wrote one of each type of sentence and then drew a picture to match. 
I am LOVING making Anchor Charts lately! Such a great way to review all we have learned!
Here is our butterfly life cycle that we made. We read two books to find our information and then as an incentive I let them color in the pictures that you see on the chart. 
We have been reading The Magic School Bus: Expedition Down Under, so we worked on story maps and summarizing. 
Review on Contraction and Compound Words. 
Last week we worked on the life cycle of a frog and one of my parents sent in some little frogs for us to observe. 

I hope that you see the joy and blessings in each day this week! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Your anchor charts are BEAUTIFUL! as is your heart :o)