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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Time Fun

So I was thinking...that people normally think I am crazy when I tell them about our family beach trip.

For the past 15 years, my dad's side of the family all piles into their cars and head for the NC beaches. Half of the family lives in the Carolina's so it is a short 3-4 hour trip for them; but for our group from AL to NC is 9 hours! Makes for some good family bonding time.

What makes most people give the "are you crazy" look though is not the drive, it is the fact that all 27 of us pile into one house to spend the week together. However, it is not that crazy to us, because after 15 years we have it  down to a science. We know who brings what, and who cooks when, and what day we go out, etc.

It is always a fun time and a great time to catch up with Grandmomma and the aunts, uncles, and cousins that live further north than us. Here is a recap of our fun adventure.

So from top to bottom: 
1. The whole crew after an exciting night of putt putt.
2. the parentals
3. the siblings with Momma (-III, we missed you)
4. The 3rd & 4th generation preparing for tye-dye
5. The volcano at the putt putt place

On the night that my parents cooked, they decided to make breakfast, so off to the grocery store my mom, grandmomma, and aunt went. When they returned we had two surprises.
1. Anderson's syrup ( Well grandmomma, the matriarch of our crew, just had to buy this,
I mean it's two of our favorite things (the family name and sugar))
2. ICEEs- our favorite! The man at the local Walgreens knew us well
however, the machine was broken when we left : (

Finally, no Anderson vacation is complete without a little bit of craftiness. This year we all decided to experiment with tye-dye. You will have to wait for the reveal of my shirt when I post about the Philippines, sorry, but its in preparation of being packed!

I have a fabulous family and could not be any more blessed with all the people that I get to squeeze into a beach house with every summer. I hope your summer vacation is as great as mine was!



  1. How cool is this... Hope you are having fun... Who wouldn't in that environment !!! Miss you but do not want summer to end

  2. Great post Rachel! Will you send the family photo as an attachment so I can get copies? Thanks! Love, Amy