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Monday, November 12, 2012

No School Today!

Today we are observing Veteran's Day, which means no kiddos and no work today. I have been very overwhelmed this year with a few of my friends so documenting my year has not been up to my usual standards. I have a great mom that has taken lots of pictures at school events, hopefully I will get some copies! Here are a few highlights I found on my phone!
 A few weeks ago when we were working on short vowels, I made these large sound reminders to display on the board. The 'a' apple is on the other side of the wall, oops. We spent one morning thinking of all the words we knew that used those vowels and stuck them to our posters. I then let them take one word from each chart to their desk and they practiced sentence writing with the words.
We have really been working hard on writing complete sentences so we needed some more practice with capitalization, so we made an anchor chart to display.
When the season changed from summer to fall we made a chart that tracked the seasons and characteristics of each one. I loved that when we got to Christmas someone wanted to add Jesus' birthday and in the spring we added Easter. I love it when my kids bring up our Creator!
Hope everyone has a happy Monday!
~Miss Anderson

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