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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coffee Table Debut

So I have lived in my little humble abode/townhouse for 528 days and went 524 days without a coffee table. When I first moved in I really wanted to go find one at a vintage shop or thrift store and then refinish it but well it took a while for this idea to come to fruition. Finally this past weekend I had had enough of sitting all my stuff on the floor in front of the couch. Trying to find places to finish crafts and such. After a fun lunch with a friend I headed out to the local thrift shop. You see I have been here before and for the past year and a half I have always walked through the furniture section searching for a table I might like, and until this past Saturday I hadn't found one in the 'ole teacher budget. (Has anyone noticed that prices at thrift stores have been on the rise?)

Anyway, I found this beauty there and thought for $14.98 even if change my mind in six months, it's a steal! So the with the help of a worker there we loaded it into the back seat of my car and away I went with a Saturday afternoon project.
The scalloped siding matches some of my other furniture so I thought it was a good fit. However, we had an issue. One of the railings was missing, which wasn't too upsetting because I feel like it would look more like a dinner tray with two railings than a coffee table haha. 
So the demo began, boy would my daddy be proud. I pulled out the sandpaper, hammer, screwdriver and even the wood filler to fill in the holes.
I started with the hammer and pried off the broken side and then realized; it was screwed in. So to prevent any damage I unscrewed the other side and began the long and tedious process of sanding. Sanding led to paint and paint led to a second coat. I still need to seal it so I can place glasses and such on it but what do you think??

I have LOVED having it this past week and as you can see I already have books placed all over it! 
Happy Friday!!! Check back in tomorrow for Five for Friday!

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