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Friday, February 8, 2013

Five for Friday 2.2

Happy Friday!
1. Sunday I got to wear a lovely bracelet, that my sister gave to me for Christmas. It came from the company Noonday Collection. Each piece is made by women in countries like India, Uganda, and others plus has a story about the women who made it for you! The money goes directly to them! How awesome!

2. I had another hard week with some discipline issues so I gave myself a boost of confidence with my #1 teacher tervis. We all need to tell us that we are #1 once in a while. 

3. Here is our bulletin board from January. We wrote about if we lived in an igloo! They were quite funny. 

4. Funny story, I tried to get to school early this week and one morning I got stopped by this. A train at 6:30, for reals!

5. Funny sayings from this week:
Sitting at our small group table, one of my students came up wanting something and 
ST says: "Excuse me Sarah, we're working here!"

Morning Meeting this morning one little girl was sharing about getting to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance last night and getting to dance and eat ice cream,
 WG(boy) said: "Man, I'm glad I'm not a dad!"

Happy Weekend!


  1. Your blog title is great! I found your blog from Five for Friday linky party. Your bracelet is beautiful and an even more beautiful story with it.

    Your newest follower!


  2. I love when students call eachother out - so funny :) Also, what a cool bracelet?!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher