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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting February off right!

So I was thinking... 

that I am ready to start February with a new enthusiasm in my classroom. I think I mentioned last week that January was really hard for me in my classroom.

I have a student having some trouble making appropriate decisions and it has been very taxing on me and my precious firsties. January has been our hardest month with her behavior choices in 108 days.

We have struggled all year but I spent January trying to keep my head above the water; scheduling conferences, having to go back and forth to the office to fill out behavior referrals, and trying to show her as much love as I could.

I hope I'm not alone when I say that it is hard to always be at your best when you have one student who is constantly pulling the classroom environment down; but I am bound and determined to get back to being the best 1st grade teacher for my other 19 kiddos.

I spent all weekend at the school getting ready for this upcoming week and I thought I would share. I love reading other teachers' blogs, but I have realized that I always find the best ideas after I have already taught the skills. I thought sharing ahead of time would help me be accountable for being prepared for the week and maybe help some others out!

Here's what our week will look like.
Reading: er, ir, and ur. (Why couldn't that sound just be spelled one way!)
I found a great idea online and tried to download the game but it didn't download correctly so I opened the 'ole Microsoft word and recreated it! It's called "Call the Nurse!" and is a great word reading game. You can find my copy of it here.

Frigid Digits- Base Ten Blocks and 2-Digit Numbers (CommonMath: We are learning to compare numbers. This chapter in Go-Math is a short one so we are focusing on number sense, place value, and reviewing addition skills in preparation of Chapter 8. I found this review on the free download of Teachers Pay Teachers today! It's called Frigid Digits. We will also be making some cute alligators this week with Popsicle sticks and white foam teeth to help us use the Greater than Less than concept.

Language Arts: Contractions again! I love getting to review contractions because that means Dr. Apostrophe comes to town! I found this adorable idea from Cara last year and was excited to pull him out for this upcoming week. Find more about this fun activity here.

Valentine's is coming up quickly check out my Valentine crayon hearts here!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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  1. I love your contraction doctor :o) You are the best 1st grade teacher I know!