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Friday, February 22, 2013

Five for Friday 2.4

It's Friday ladies! Everybody's working for the weekend. 
Also Happy Birthday to George Washington!!
1. So we didn't have Monday off like most of the schools around us, so we started the week off with some presidential information with the help of this fun pack by Teacher to the Core. 
2. I also found a fun idea on Pinterest with making fact hats so I called the unit "Hat's off to Presidents" We have spent this week reading informational text and taking notes. My kids then took our notes and turned them into sentences for each side of their hats. Here are our George Washington hats!

1. George was the father of our country. He led the Continental Army. In 1789 George became President. 
2. In 1799 George died at 67.
3. Gorge(ha) was 11 when his father died. George's favorite subject was math.
4. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. Washington grew up in a farm house. 

The best part was telling them about the President's wives and what year they married, all the girls oohh'ed and ahh'ed and the boys were like 'ewwww!'

3. We also wrote about if we were President what would we do. They all loved getting live in the White House and the boys loved that they would get to ride "in their AIR FORCE 1!" (anyone remember that song, haha)

4. We reviewed contractions this week with some contraction caterpillars. Some turned out really cute, while others rushed through to get to recess on time. It was hard to tell them to slow down since we had missed outside recess almost all last week and Monday because of rain. 

5. We earned our compliment party this week. 15 compliments woohoo! So I baked cookies for the group to have during a special showing of their choice of a Magic School Bus video! Which throws me back to these fun pics:  

The Scholastic store in NYC, a teacher's dream. You can use your bonus points in the store!! I had to take a pic of the life size bus!