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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Found a Group!

So I was thinking...I'm excited about Daniel! When I moved back to "the loveliest village of the plains" I was excited to get more connected in the church I had been attending for the past four years. It was bittersweet leaving my church at home because after years of hoping for a young adult program there, we had finally gotten one, and here I was leaving town and not being able to participate except for the weekends I would be at home. However, I was excited about finding my own small group here to strengthen my walk with the accountability of a group. Much to my dismay, I discovered that finding a small group was going to be harder than I thought. The church that I had attended for the four years I was in college has tons of small groups, so I made sure I was in town on the small group sign up day. While walking around I saw tons of sign up tables but none that were directly aimed toward young single professionals. They had a great college program that they said I could still be a part of if I wanted and the only other group was a singles group but the age range was from around 24-50, so not finding my spot there I began to look around to other churches to see there programs. With many churches in this small town, there were a couple of groups that I could go and discover but I was still a little apprehensive. I went a week or so without making a decision and my waiting paid off when I got a text from a girl from my hometown. I had met her, when her family moved eleven years ago, we became friends because our moms taught together, but had not kept in touch as much as we would have liked during college, but back to the point. She had decided that she wanted to start her own small group and wanted to see if I wanted to join!!! I said of course, and immediately thanked God for helping me find a group and comforting my worry about this situation. We met this Tuesday with one other girl who wanted to join with us and after a delicious meal of Mellow Mushroom, we got to business. We decided that we were going to study the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. I have to say I am so excited that I have found my spot here and cannot wait till next Tuesday when our study begins. I will keep you posted on our progress through this book!
(Here is my black and white photography challenge. Apparently my sister and I are on the same wave length: the theme was black and white, so we took pictures of black and white things and edited them in black and white, ha)


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