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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photography Challenge Time

So in the rush of getting ready this morning, I took the time to complete my photography challenge for the week: What I wore today. So here you go, brown dress, green sweater: the complete teacher look. What I like about this picture though is my vanity. It was my great grandmothers and after traveling around the family I finally ended up with it in my house, thanks to a great graduation gift from my sis!
Well, I'm off to mold young minds, till next time!


  1. Great photo - nice job. I like how you showed what you wore but also key elements in the room, the dressing table. Very nice.

  2. Lovely photo! I love that you used the mirror to show the front and back of your outfit =)

  3. Awesome! I never thought of taking a photo this way. Very creative...

    Jeanna @

  4. Great photo! Fun angle!!! I love your outfit! I like the look of the belt around the sweater!

  5. I really like your take on this challenge. Great picture!