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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Memories

So I was its the little things that remind me throughout the day how important family is.  I am blessed to have an amazing family, like I have mentioned before. Today, I have been thinking about my Peg Peg alot. Its not her birthday, or her favorite holiday, or the anniversary of her passing but she has been on my mind because of the small things in life that remind me of her everyday. Peg Peg was a passionate woman and a self-less person who taught us how important it is to give to others. I strive to be a giving person just like her everyday. My stroll down memory lane started today with a challenge from my sis's photography challenge. The challenge was to see things from a low angle. I thought I had my picture picked out early, a first for me lately, normally I am taking my camera to school the day of the challenge and snapping something I find there. However, while cleaning my vanity I found something that was a reminder of my Peg Peg's spirit and perfect for a low angle: an angle that looks up to the object just like I looked up to Peg Peg. Peg Peg loved jewelry and my PJ(her husband) loved to give her the things that she loved, so when she asked for something with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, & diamonds she got a ring with matching earrings. The tradition started when LB graduated HS Peg Peg turned one of the earrings into a ring for her, and the other was to be mine when I graduated four years later. However, shortly after Peg Peg was diagnosed with cancer and got to go see her Father in heaven a short six weeks later. I was able to get my special gift early as one of her keepsakes, and I thought it was the perfect object to look up to from a low angle. Hope you think so as well.
This ring is a little reminder of my Peg Peg that brightens my day, but I'm always surprised by the things that remind me of her: 
cooking eggs(always add milk, it makes them better), diet Pepsi, jewelry,  
Christmas time, StienMart, ginrummy, bows on presents 
just to name a few

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