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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well its another week down and boy was it a busy one! We are currently in a farm unit and my class studied horses this week. Our principal is a horse person and actually brought a horse to school on Friday for my kids to pet and see. Funny side story: the lady who brought Graham(the horse) to school is the same lady who turned my resume in to our principal(small world!). Anyway the kids loved meeting Graham and learning about what he eats. Mrs. Carol(Graham's owner) let each of my students take a picture with the horse, she will be bringing us each a horseshoe to decorate as well as to frame our picture!

I have noticed that my kids love to sing to themselves lately. Whether it is during small group, or just sitting by themselves, we are always singing a little tune. Here are the ones I have found most funny.

It was the end of the day and I was passing out the children's take-home folders, I called C up to get his folder. In his own little world, he walked up and what do I hear: "Who Let the Dogs Out". Let me tell you I would have been perfectly fine without ever hearing that song after my middle school days, but it was a hilarious way to end the day.

Second chance encounter with my song birds. I was at my desk testing my kids on their weekly sight words. While I was working one on one with the students, the rest of the class was completing their "Three Little Pigs" Story mapping plots. Suddenly out of no where I heard a familiar tune. CS was at his desk singing in a sweet little voice "You Got a Friend in Me", not noticing anything going on around him, it was so funny.

Besides the singing, I would like to mention a happy from my week. We were testing on realism and fantasy and our story picture was "Jack in the Bean Stock."

The question: Which one could really happen?
A. A boy can climb to the sky.
B. A goose can lay an egg? (the correct answer)
C. A man living in the sky.

CS was across the room working quietly (which is a big accomplishment for us!). I was asking my small group now which one of these could really happen, when he shouted from his seat across the room. "But God lives in the sky!" While we are still working on shouting out, it was such a great reminder for me that God is working in my life as well as my kids life this year! Hope your school year is being filled with blessings as well!

~Miss Anderson

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