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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reason to blog:
I was given a journal to record the events of my first year teaching and I was excited to use it when I first got my job; however, everyone asks me how my year is going, so I thought a blog my be a fun way to let everyone in for the daily adventures of life in FIRST GRADE!

So far teaching has been a blast and... exhausting, but I am enjoying every minute of it and so blessed to have a job in a great system! The first weeks were especially tiring trying to get everyone into the daily routine and used to life in a new school. We had finally gotten into a groove when we had an unexpected visitor in room A9. 

Thursday was running smoothly, 19/21 of us were there and we were all on green!!! We had almost made it to their favorite time of the day (centers) when my intercom phone began ringing. I answered and greeted our secretary, who told me that one of my kids was absent today because the child had gotten little buggies in their hair (aka lice, the -l word). She told us we needed to all come to the office to get checked. She started laughing at my shock and immediate questioning of how can I fix this. 

26 days into my first year teaching and an unexpected visitor gave me the jitters. So I grabbed my Junie B book(to keep them entertained while they were all given head checks) and we headed to the office lobby. We were very blessed and all passed the tests and got to go back to P.E to finish the day. No worries, my room was deep cleaned the next two nights and hopefully we won't have any more buggies in our room! 

Teaching first graders has many unexpected challenges, but I am excited about getting to meet them all with my 21 All-Stars! 

~Miss Anderson 

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